Disclaimer - Online and Offline Communication

ESOLforbusiness.com, ESOLforbusiness.com Asia, ESOLforbusiness.com Europe, ESOLforbusiness.com Russia are all trading names of Online Teachers Ltd. whose corporate profile includes logos and official corporate material which identifies and profiles its corporate identity.

In every communication, whether online through email, website through visual messages or offline through letter or publicity material, ESOLforbusiness.com always use official personnel, logos and approved company addresses linking back to approved official corporate governance policies. ESOLforbusiness.com never use emails or other online or offline communication material suffixed with online media like Hotmail, google, msn, etc. Moreover, in every instance of communication with external contacts, ESOLforbusiness.com uses official corporate stationary and online media to identify itself to both internal and external associations.

ESOLforbusiness.com will not be held responsible for any loss incurred by anyone, howsoever caused when agreements have been entered into by use of unauthorized communication material or unauthorized personnel, as described above.

Provision of Services

ESOLforbusiness.com provide online and offline education services for the sole purpose of Directing service users towards enhancing their life skills, professionalism, and potential for income growth. ESOLforbusiness.com, therefore, use coordinated and structured courses for delivering study programs that integrate with the service user’s agreement with ESOLforbusiness.com and may vary from one student to another, depending on the study route chosen. The ESOLforbusiness.com study programs ensure that the right courses are attended by the appropriate students either through a selection process on the one hand, a recruitment process on the other and a self selection of another.

Self Selection Process – Language Courses

Service users who unilaterally choose their course of study are guided by ESOLforbusiness.com trainers, according to their speaking proficiency and may be re-directed from one language class to another if the trainer deems it necessary. This is done when the trainer believes that a degree of disruption would occur in the class if the student remained. ESOLforbusiness.com will not be responsible for any loss arising from the relocation of a student to another class.

Selection by Recruitment

Service users who have responded to publicity to re-train do so with the knowledge that re-training is intended to lead to greater proficiency in understanding techniques and methods of online and offline study and training, greater proficiency in spoken English, improved understanding of cultural integration, greater awareness of professional skills integration in training and understanding of tactical approaches to online training and learning. ESOLforbusiness.com will not be responsible for any loss arising from the inability of a student to complete classes or fall below the appropriate learning standards set by ESOLforbusiness.com and employers.

Selection Process

Service users who have responded to or been introduced to ESOLforbusiness.com for the purpose of relocation, use a specific learning route to allow them to partake of coordinated and structured online and offline training. They undergo skills assessments and candidate assessments and are provided with suitable support and enhanced assistance as a service leading to potential relocation. ESOLforbusiness.com never guarantee job placements nor promise jobs, neither does ESOLforbusiness.com procure money in relation to recruitment fees. Furthermore, ESOLforbusiness.com will not be responsible for any loss arising from applications for relocation and strictly enforce a ‘no refund’ rule for costs incurred by ESOLforbusiness.com in the event of an unsuccessful application due to the misrepresentation by the applicant of personal information provided on an application.

Class Cancellation

ESOLforbusiness.com conducts business on a global scale and is available 24 hours a day, every day. ESOLforbusiness.com engages trainers to be available to fill classes but due to unforeseen circumstances, from time to time, classes may need to be cancelled. ESOLforbusiness.com acknowledges that service users may have booked time to attend a class and to this extent ESOLforbusiness.com will re-arrange the class schedule for the student. However, ESOLforbusiness.com accepts no responsibility beyond the class cancellation that may further be personal to the learner, including but not limited to computer hire costs, travel costs and loss of profits or income.

Technical Difficulties

All service users agree to ensure that internet connectivity is suitably adapted for connection to the online classroom. Service users further agree to ensure that appropriate software is installed on computers that use the online classroom. The ESOLforbusiness.com website provides this information under ‘Technical Help’. ESOLforbusiness.com is not responsible for poor user connectivity and accepts no clam for loss of class credit because of poor internet performance. Furthermore, due to the nature of wireless connections, ESOLforbusiness.com provides no guarantee of a fault free classroom experience a result of non-fixed line connections.

To the full extent permissible by law, ESOLforbusiness.com disclaims all responsibility for any damages or losses, including, without limitation to, illegal recruitment, financial loss, damages for loss of profits, loss of profits or other consequential losses arising in contract, or otherwise from the use of or inability to adhere to the Directions of ESOLforbusiness.com staff, or from any action or decision taken by the service user because of using ESOLforbusiness.com services

ESOLforbusiness.com expect all learners to ensure that its disclaimer, terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookies policy are read and understood and accepts no responsibility for any loss whatsoever as a result of non compliance.