Business English - What is Business English?

Really! What does business English mean to you, the student? It's very common for a student to start and pay for a course of study only to find out that the Business English material presented to them is either basic or a little more than basic. This doesn't make the study material invalid, it just means it's not right or fit for purpose in your particular case.

1. BUSINESS ENGLISH should be fit for purpose. Some examples might be relative to career professionals, perhaps a Pilot, Lawyer, Engineer, Medical Professional and so on. Professions that were chosen as life long commitments to service.

2. BUSINESS ENGLISH should impinge upon a career and positively influence that career and company by using English a the first choice of International language communication. Some further examples might be work and career employees taking hold of the corporate international focus and stepping up to future corporate plans in international trade. This may also be specific, perhaps engineers, technology professionals, graduates, etc.

3. BUSINESS ENGLISH should absolutely apply to English Proficiency testing on the professional stream whereby complex scenarios are presented in all models.

4. BUSINESS ENGLISH at it's very basic level is to make the student aware of routine office functions, emails, phone calls, etc. This was explained above as the likely model being taught by over 90% of Business English schools.

5. BUSINESS ENGLISH IS NOT general communication, nor is it random. There is an established method, vocabulary and culture about how we interact in business, even to the point of manners and etiquette. are experienced and qualified business professionals with several years on site and online experience in teaching business professionals.

As can be deduced from the foregoing, we categorize Business English into three groups as  in 1 to 3. We do not regard 4 as business English.