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Courses at ESOLforbusiness.com focus on a communicative approach to teaching a target language. ESOLforbusiness.com therefore.......More...

Business English for Professionals

Professionals in business who demand excellence in effective communication with their clients, also demand excellence in effective communication with their English Tutor. Our Tutors are long career professionals, formerly in different professions, however, with an edge for assessing student needs and planning accordingly for fast and encouraging results.
Business English in the Office General Business English for Work and Office

Career and Work English

Whether your career and work take you to international markets, thereby presenting you with English communication HEAD ON, or you necessarily need to communicate from your desk from a non English speaking country, we are experts in making sure that your confidence is heightened to the point whereby your feeling of limitation doesn't influence your clarity of thought in your business. We train you with confidence and English.

English Proficiency Tuition

The Need for higher scores in an English Proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, BEC and others is now ever demanding in most countries, particularly if you are looking at the professional stream to take up university places for career focused goals. Students may also like to make applications to live and work in an English speaking country. We are confident that we can encourage and train you to achieve higher scores.
General Conversation English English for Groups and Individuals

Conversational English

You may be an adult or younger person and although ESOLforbusiness.com is very clear about where it's place in the market is with Business English, we are also very aware that students need to start somewhere and in this respect we are pleased to recommend our associates who also are professionals in beginner to advanced general English communication. Please Contact Here

Learn More About Our Tuition Style

We understand that before you commit to a long term program of tuition, you would like to know if we, as tutors are a good match for you. We understand that some students are at the top end of their career, however, other students might be just starting their career. We recognize that the career beginner may well be a greater achiever than their master and we certainly consider this when evaluating level achievements. Please email or chat to our representative HERE.

Read, Be Inspired, Discover and then Learn

Another step up in your CAREER

About our Courses

All courses consist of at least 10 subsections, and they will all be associated with refresher exercises especially to encourage speaking with confidence. Some, however, will consist of more than 50 subsections. 

Courses cover a wide variety of relevant and interesting topics within a course category and learners may request a specific topic using specific grammar and vocabulary.

Each topic is stand alone but can represent a part of a course. Examples of sub-sections representing a grammar focus are show opposite.......MORE HERE....

Sub Section examples
  • The Accounting Toolkit - Adverbs and Conjunctions
  • Double Entry Accountability - Incomplete Sentences and Sentence Patterns
  • Does you Cash Flow? - Nouns
  • Sources of Finance - Punctuation and Capitalization
  • Creating a Business Plan - Verbs and Contractions
  • Managing Internal Controls - Synonyms and Clauses

  • Art, Craft and Design English for Career, Work and Communication
    Business English English for Business and Finance Professionals
    English for Communication Communicate Effectively in Life and Travel
    The Earth's Environment Career, Profession and General English
    English for Engineers English for Career, Profession and Work
    General Conversation English English focus for Communication and Work
    Family, House and Home General English Conversation
    Health and Beauty English for Work and Career
    Health and Safety at Work English for Work and Career
    Homeland Security English English for Work and Career
    Hotel and Catering English Career English for Hospitality
    English in Information Technology Work, Career and Professional English
    Journalism Business English for Journalists
    English Conversation around Computers Work and General Conversation English
    English Language in the Legal Profession Professional English in Law and Legal
    English in the Manufacturing Industry Work, Career and Professional English
    English for Marketing Professionals Business English in Marketing and Advertising
    Medical English English for the Medical Profession
    Mining, Quarrying and Construction English for Work, Career and Professions
    Conversation English in Mathematics General Conversation English in Maths
    Business English in the Office General Business English for Work and Office
    English Proficiency Testing IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, BEC, OET English
    Business English in Politics English for Students of Politics
    Business English in Sales and Selling Targeted English for Specific Purposes
    Sports and Recreation English Conversation English for Sports and Recreation
    English in Time Management Business English for Career and Profession
    English for Travel and Holidays Travel and Holiday Conversation English
    Work and Office English for Professionals Advanced Work English for Professionals
    English for Customer Relations Business English for Customer Service Professionals
    General Conversation English Basic English Conversation